A Good Diaper Can Save The Day

A Good Diaper Can Save The Day

A drink has been spilt, the room you’ve just cleaned is a complete mess and your baby’s cheeks are covered in felt pen. Sound familiar? There is never a dull moment when kids are around, and in these cases an absorbent and high-quality diaper can make life easier by keeping your baby happy and their skin healthy.

A good diaper is a real life-saver when you have young children. Everyday life is significantly easier when your baby has an absorbent diaper that fits well. 

We believe that the skin-friendliness, reliability and absorption capability of Muumi Baby diapers are a diaper’s most important properties. The absorption capability and fit of our diapers are continuously improved and developed based on customer feedback and quality surveys.

“The diaper should be skin-friendly, as the skin in the diaper area is very sensitive and reactive to diapers with a poor fit. I have been satisfied with the fit of Muumi Baby diapers and the fact that they are fragrance free before and after use. Muumi Baby diapers have great capacity and hold pee and poo well,”

says Eetu, an enthusiastic dad of a Muumi Baby diaper user.

Nina, too, has had excellent experiences with the fit of Muumi Baby diapers:

“All Muumi Baby diaper sizes have been a great fit so far. We’ve never had diaper rash. The tape fastenings on the open diapers were strong, and we have never really had a diaper leak.”

A Guide to Choosing the Right Size of Diaper

Small children grow quickly, and the diaper size that fits perfectly now may soon be too small. Every child is a different size and shape, so finding the right kind of diaper may cause new parents a bit of a headache. The rear and side elastics on Muumi Baby diapers guarantee a better diaper fit, and the sizes of Starters diapers for newborns have a special design around the sensitive navel area.

Here are a few tips to help you find the best diaper size for your baby and to know when to move on to the next size.

When Should I Move To The Next Diaper Size?

  • The diaper is soaked through or your baby has accidents.
  • The diaper does not completely cover the baby’s bottom.
  • The diaper looks or feels too tight. The diaper fits well if you can fit two fingers between the diaper and the baby’s tummy.
  • The diaper leaves red marks on the waist or inner thighs.
  • Muumi Baby diaper sizes are based on the baby’s weight. You’ll find clear size markings on the packaging and the diaper itself. You can use the Muumi Baby diaper chart to find the diaper size that is the best fit for your baby.